Julie and Jim

President and Owner

Since 1979 The Nolan Company has provided clients with cutting edge retirement plan design and administrative services. 

The Nolan Company specializes in independent ministerial record keeping, administration, actuarial, and design services for retirement plans for small businesses and professional practices.  This independence and specialization allows us to focus on the needs of our clients to meet their retirement objectives.

The vast majority of our clients find us through referrals from financial, accounting, or legal professionals, as well as other clients.  Our specialized design and administration services have gained us clients in 49 states.   Most of these clients have fewer than 50 employees down to and including those who have only one employee. 


The Nolan Company is structured to provide the highest quality services to plan sponsors while maintaining independence and objectivity. We would appreciate an opportunity to work with you or your client.


What does it mean when we say we are independent and specialized?



We are not paid by or licensed by a financial institution, accounting firm or law firm. Our services are not tied to a specific investment company and we can work with a broad range of plan funding options.



We provide our plan design and administrative services for cross tested 401(k) profit sharing plans and both traditional and cash balance defined benefit plans.  These can be either stand alone or combined to maximize benefits and deductions while maintaining flexibility.  Not only will we work with you to design a plan that maximizes tax deferred deductions for principle employees, our highly trained staff will work with you each year to make sure we continue to provide you individualized contributions with your deduction and staff costs in mind.