Annual Update Process:

We have upgraded the portion of our website related to client access in order to provide additional security and convenience for you.   


You will log in below with your username and password to retrieve your Census and Plan Disclosure Questionnaire and also to submit your documents to The Nolan Company. Your contact information (previously located on the first page of the questionnaire) will now be completed and/or confirmed online while submitting your documents.  Please make sure to select “Questionnaire” from the drop down menu and complete the requested information (or simply confirm) prior to submitting the form.

When you log in to retrieve your forms, you will use the buttons at the top for ‘Download Census’ and ‘Download Questionnaire’ to download these documents to your computer for completion.


Once complete, log in the same way to submit your documents to The Nolan Company. Directions for uploading them to us are provided on that page.

If you receive errors trying to log in, we recommend trying a different internet browser to see if that resolves the issue.  Some users are having issues logging in with Firefox.

If you have any questions about the retrieval or submission process, please contact Shay.

If you have questions about completing the forms, please contact your Nolan Company administrator or their assistant.