Defined Contribution Plans

A defined contribution plan is a great way to promote savings for retirement in partnership with the employee. They have a broad range of options for employer funding and can provide 401(k) contributions to allow employee funding. Contributions grow through investment returns in a tax deferred environment.


Employees appreciate the value of these plans and the employer can maintain some flexibility in the level of employer funding.  There are restrictions on how and when the employees can gain access to the funds without experiencing penalties.   


  • A 401(k) feature gives both owners and staff a way to build tax-deferred wealth for retirement. At The Nolan Company, we help you offer this attractive option that provides value to your employees. With a 401(k) provision, your employees can contribute funds directly to their investments as either Pre-tax or Roth deferrals.

  • Safe Harbor Contributions.  A safe harbor contribution of 3% of pay can be provided to participants which allows highly compensated employees to maximize their deferrals rather than being limited by regulatory testing.

  • Matching Contributions can be added as a Safe Harbor Match, fixed match, or discretionary match.   We can help determine which option(s) are the best for your needs.


Employer discretionary contributions can provide additional funding to help get principle employees to the maximum allowable contribution.   A cross tested formula allows you as the employer to define separate allocation rates for each of your employees. The benefit of a cross tested plan is that you can reward key employees while still providing a share of the profits to lower-level employees. With a cross tested plan, there are certain qualifications the contributions must meet for the mix of contributions being awarded to different employees.  The Nolan Company staff is well versed in the complexities of compliance testing for this type of plan option.